Around the lochs

Took Vincent out for his Saturday walk down Atholl Road, just posing as you do. Since my voice has returned after almost five weeks I was chatting to everyone. Having sung some arpeggios in the car to Vincent (he likes neither my singing nor my dancing) I was ready for CHAT! Then to our favourite coffee shop where he jammed himself under a table. I don't think he will do that again in a hurry.
Off to Loch Faskally for some images, and then our first daytime stroll around Loch Drumore which is where Enchanted Forest is sited in October. It was still frozen there but lovely.

Click image for our lochside adventures!
First Swan of the season

Happy birthday to Vincent!

My lovely Vincent is two years old today! Where has the time gone?

Such a tiny puppy (not!) and now a gorgeous bear from Killiecrankie who is a show-stopper when we go down Atholl Road for a promenade. Such a handsome chap!

The day he arrived at OFH:
Hugs for Daddy and posing on the table!
Recent images, and finally on his second birthday!

Bathroom woes!

I am struggling to see images online of the bathroom I would like in our side of the house. What a pain. If I have to see another free-standing bowl or small shower I will have to throw the laptop across the room. We are lucky enough to have a huge bathroom so everything needs to be in proportion and that is a pain.

Snow came again today and is coupled with blue skies. Vincent and I went to Pitlochry for some shopping and had a stroll about so that was good although even in gloves my hands were freezing. I love living here in the Wilds as we get all the seasons in technicolour and 4-D so I cannot complain.

We have lots of green shoots across the garden and I hope this is the year for the lily-of-the-valley to come up as it did the first spring we were here. Last year not a single flower, but millions of snowdrops and of course the painfully beautiful 15 different kinds of daffodil which mainly survived Vincent and Alfie running across and sitting on them.

Cold ears

Took Vincent out for a drive and a walk to Pitlochry Dam and Loch Faskally. He loved it of course as the wind rushed over his coat, but I had to cut the fun short as my ears were frozen. There is a bitter wind shooting down the Pass of Killiecrankie into Pitlochry and even a great coffee in our favourite cafe did not warm my ears up.

No images as my hands were FREEZING!

Warming up!

House is warming up as the new efficient radiators go in. Surprisingly a key element of the new system arrived only today - individual thermostats for each room. No wonder I was frustrated almost to death last night with them!

On the upside, a new season of Grace & Frankie has started on Netflix and the one liners are as fab as the first three seasons. That should keep me occupied in the next week or so.

Anthony is back from Spain today on the 1830 train so it is back to normal in the house once more…