Was down in London form my usual visit to work and due to catch the Sleeper train back. However the snow got the best of me and I was stuck in London that night in a Pod Hotel. Next day I attempted an East Coast daytime train up to Edinburgh but the trains were not passing Newcastle, so I attempted a journey up to Glasgow and would worry about getting to Killiecrankie at some point. The gods of rail travel thwarted my journey and we were told that no trains were going beyond Carlisle, but we should all get off in Preston as there were no rooms in Carlisle to be found. Two days stuck in Preston - I know it like the back of my hand! Saturday I decided that as the Central Belt of Scotland, from Glasgow to Edinburgh was impassable I would fly from Birmingham to Inverness, so I headed south from Preston and caught a very busy plane to Inverness - lots of people were having the same idea!

Arriving in Inverness I was so pleased, and as Anthony had been updating me on the status of the food shelves in Pitlochry (no vans coming to Perth and beyond!) I did a quick shop there and arrived in Pitlochry at 1930, having been traveling for four days! I could have been in Australia quicker (and returned!).

Managed a safe return from London a fortnight later, and took this image: