Bathroom woes!

I am struggling to see images online of the bathroom I would like in our side of the house. What a pain. If I have to see another free-standing bowl or small shower I will have to throw the laptop across the room. We are lucky enough to have a huge bathroom so everything needs to be in proportion and that is a pain.

Snow came again today and is coupled with blue skies. Vincent and I went to Pitlochry for some shopping and had a stroll about so that was good although even in gloves my hands were freezing. I love living here in the Wilds as we get all the seasons in technicolour and 4-D so I cannot complain.

We have lots of green shoots across the garden and I hope this is the year for the lily-of-the-valley to come up as it did the first spring we were here. Last year not a single flower, but millions of snowdrops and of course the painfully beautiful 15 different kinds of daffodil which mainly survived Vincent and Alfie running across and sitting on them.