February 2019

Elections 2019

The OSMTH Election process is under way, and again I am a candidate for Grand Commander. I had at least some new additions to make to my Election Notice since my last success in the 2018 Election, so at least I look as if I am doing something.
I have yet to arrange a Sunday visit from the Bishop of Dunked to formally recognise my Grand Cross of St Gregory, but that will be in June some time.

Looking forward to our holiday in Rome in March before our main holiday in Milwaukee in May. Not that either are particular holidays as they will be packed with meetings across the days we are there.

Visit to Drumuin

After Sunday Mass, Anthony and I had an invitation for tea and cake at Loretta and Jams' house across the water. An afternoon of gossip and cake and much laughter ensued. This was perfect following my forced "spa days" down in Perth towards the end of the week. I am back to normal now…

Vincent aged 3

Best three years of my life with the Big Bear! I knew he was going to grow, and after about six months of not growing during the summer of 2018 he is back as a giant, the Killiecrankie Lesser Black Bear that he is!