September 2019

Six months

Six months since my last update! Where has my discipline gone?

Since February it has been a dramatic time. Coming back from Milwaukee I admitted myself to PRI as I was feeling so unwell. I had contracted Community Acquired Pneumonia and was in Critical Care Unit for four days and an ordinary ward for two. What a nightmare. I had to have my lung drained with the new "Rocket Drain" process which was very interesting to experience, and cut a five day drain which was the traditional suggestion for pneumonia down to 15 minutes. A huge success. Eight weeks of recovery though which was very frustrating.

Yesterday I was at PRI for a followup (I seem to have one a week between there and Dundee) and saw my favourite consultant who really calls a spade a shovel. Great guy and I love how frank he is. My heart is not floppy but is hardening up and now he has instructed the Renal surgeons of Dundee to look at removing my left kidney which seems to be the focus of all that has gone wrong. I am looking forward to that! My PRI consultant said to me "we will take it out just like your mother had" which shows he has read my medical notes! My MRI scan of my viscera is not back from review yet so that will confirm the next stage. Blood pressure drugs seem to be failing me at the moment which is not the best news, so invasive surgery is next. I cannot wait.


A few weeks ago my St Gregory uniform arrived and so I decided to do a photo shoot here at OFH. I was very pleased with the results as you can see.