Drive to Glasgow

Up early to drive to Glasgow to pick up Peter, Daniela and Anna who had flown from Belgrade and Sofia for a few days in Glasgow and then up to Killiecrankie for AC50. It was a lovely drive down and Glasgow looked great in the sunshine.

Friday night we came back to a house full of guests so we had decided that we would dine out at Killiecrankie House Hotel where AC had booked his extended family to stay. That was a good idea! Mark and John arrived mid afternoon with John on crutches having had a rugby incident (read: Lego injury) so was mostly out of action. Sat up far too late as usual drinking on our return from the hotel. Steven and Rebecca were left in the hotel as they were having a birthday celebration there too!

House is quiet

Without Anthony who is in London for a range of events this weekend. I gave Vincent a deep brush yesterday which left as much hair on the chair as was on him. I will need to get the dog groomer in for a clip of his coat once the celebrations for AC50 are over. She did an amazing job last time. I have been amazingly busy with work this week and it will be the same next week as clients come back to work after their holidays. Still, it pays the bills! Anthony starts back at Uni in a couple of weeks for his degree year and his academic life is passing very quickly.

Off to the UN in New York later in the year to get my entry pass there and that will just leave Geneva to collect and I have the full set!


I had been updating this website all year but not checking it on the web. So that explains why it has not updated since February until this afternoon.

Should all be fine now.

Just counting down the days until AC50 and all that entails before relaxing before a very, VERY busy autumn for the Highland Gentlemen of OFH!

Back from Vienna

The year is passing so quickly.

We have had lots of visitors this year so far, with KevinR coming up from Southampton for the Soldiers of Killiecrankie weekend (rain, rain, RAIN and wind!) but nevertheless a great time. My replacement at GPUK is taking a while to happen but it is well on course.

I was in Vienna last weekend to pick up my UN pass. I was met by some members of GP Austria after my tour of the complex. It is a very "Champions" type building for those old enough to remember that iconic TV show. I had the feeling I was under interview conditions as I met the permanent delegation members, but I must have done OK as I was then whisked off for an Austrian whisky tasting on the banks of the river. Lovely. Click image for more

I was staying with Helen Maria of course and we spent Friday night over dinner putting the world to rights and Saturday on a coffee and cake safari in 36-40C weather. Phew! Vienna in that heat is surprisingly quiet as everyone is outside in the country but Vienna remains one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Here is a chandelier from a cake shop - lovely!