June 2018

Off to Belgium

A quick weekend way to Belgium with Stefan and Valerie. First stop was Leuven for dinner and then to Ghent on the Saturday and Bruges on the Sunday. What beautiful cities! Company was amazing as you can see as Valerie and I wave Stefan and Anthony off on a boat ride through the canals of Bruges!

In a Coptic Monastery

Travelled to spend some time with the German Templars over the weekend of 8-11 June, and after some plane hopping throughout Germany finally arrived there at midnight. I was the centre of attention of course as this was my first official visit to a grand priory after being elected Grand Commander. I was very well looked after all weekend, with ice-cream stops as we waited for our various touring events to take place. The monastery is in the back of beyond, but lovely. It was great to meet up with the German members who were out in full for the weekend and we had lots of interesting drinks as well as long discussions. The journey back was not as difficult! Click image for more

Since the UK missed out on the Baroque, I was quite taken by this other church we visited: