Walk in the May Garden

Looking lovely! Image is clickable

Mothers Day Australia Style

Sunday was Mothers Day here in Australia so Fiona and I headed over to pick up My Wee Jean and head out for lunch. Rain, rain, rain! It was a lovely lunch with much laughter and teasing, and although Jean is struggling with her speech at the moment, she was laughing and giggling with our comments. What a lovely day out!

Sunday night we met up with some of Fiona's Italian Classmates and had one of the most wide ranging conversations ever. So many topics discussed, TV shows recommended and generally the world put to rights!

Of to Taigh Murphy tonight for even more fun and laughter.

Sydney Templars

Saturday I met up with the Preceptory of Australia and New Zealand where two knights and one dame of the Temple were created. It was a lovely service followed by much laughter and good food later in the evening. It was freezing cold and wet, so unlike my normal trips to this lovely country!CoR119LrTUmvU9AS+IwKYw
The above image is me trying to coax a young friend to return my borrowed sword. It was a struggle!

This was possibly my last task of Grand Prior of the UK, so here I am looking pensive and vacant…vUq7Ek26RYO3QFS6WxJJtA

Made it to Sydney.

Finally got to Australia having missed the connection in Dubai. A four hour stay in a hotel left room for reading and showers so I was ready to take on the final leg of the journey. I had a sleep on the plane for a few hours and woke up as the map display showed we were over Australia, north of Perth. However the bad news according to the calculators on screen was that we were still three and a half ours from Sydney. This is a big country indeed!
Fiona is on fine form, they are all freezing to death here as it is a low 17C. I think the blue skies are lovely as are the puffy clouds. Paid a visit to my Wee Jean last night in her Maximum Security Twilight Home. She was on great form.
Some events tomorrow and then relaxing for the rest of my time here, with visits for home cooking on the cards next week!

Press Misquotes!

Just as I was packing to come away on holiday, the national and local press (Courier/Scotsman/Herald/The Times) all decided to run with a mis-story from the Courier and despite me sending out the lovely press release the week before they just made up misquotes from me on the Bank Holiday. Still, great fun and it all hit the fan on Tuesday morning with Transport Scotland unable to deny the Public Local Inquiry…

Annual Check up

Just back from the vet in Pitlochry and Vincent has reached 52Kg but the vet does not want him to grow too much from there. On the way out we met a couple of gorgeous, massive labradoodle and newfypoo, one black one golden. They were stunning!

Now back to loving them too, and according to their owner, the gardens survive once they are two years old…