What a great night!

Everyone was dressed up in OFH and I shuttled groups down to KHH where they were to pick up the local coach to Blair Castle for the party. Peter was in my Thin Kilt (fat one does not fit me anymore!) and I took AC up with Adam (in his international superstar DJ mode) and Mark and John in my car which I was leaving overnight.

George & Peter in OFH Garden
The castle looked amazing! Red carpet entrance was weighed down by curling stones and wonderfully welcoming staff greeted everyone as they arrived.
Peter, Daniela, Anthony & Anna at Blair Castle
The first coach load came up from Pitlochry and the second was from Killiecrankie. I got a wonderful surprise when Wee Cath and Kathleen Clarke and spouses arrived as they had omitted to say they were coming up. Wonderful to see them! And then Helen Maria and Aileen Wilson (she has not ben a Wilson for almost 30 years, but so what…) and Paul and Aileen's husband John whom I have not seen since he was courting! The Victorian Ballroom started to fill up with loud whoops of happiness as old friends met up, so it was time for me to grab the microphone and call out the Scottish Contry Dancing steps. I had bought highland pumps the week before as I was not going to hit that dancefloor in brogues - perfect for the dancing. My guest partners of Pauline Cartwright May, Caroline McMahon and Wee Cath were fantastic.

George and Pauline take the floor!

I almost killed the dancers by our final dance of the Swedish Masquerade which is fun to watch but dangerous to perform. I got the opportunity to criticise the poor quality dancing at the end of each set.

George & Adam from the Minstrel Gallery

Some poor quality dancing

Mostly it was a disaster but so much fun and enjoyment. Just before the delicious food (I am told that as I did not have the time to sample) Caroline made AC sit down as she recited her PoYum to him which was wonderful.

AC50 has his PoYum delivereda

The rest of the evening was Adam in full flight as a DJ and everyone had a great time. I hope I managed to get around everyone to make sure they were having a great time! Coaches home and then up the hills. Our great friends from Bulgaria and Serbia had a wonderful night too and it was lovely to get to dance with the ladies in their beautiful gowns.