Rain, rain and more rain

It has rained all week and my lovely garden has lost many of the blooms from the bushes - very sad indeed. It has made everything else grow really quickly though, so not all bad news! Below is a very naughty, dirty Alfie who seems to love the rain and mud by digging holes everywhere much to the annoyance of Jimmy the Gardiner.


I had a day in London this week which was very busy. Doggies have been very naughty this week with digging holes that are driving Jimmy the Gardener mad, but some new plants went in so we wait Mother Nature to do her tricks and see them grow! Last week, I forgot to add that Anthony has passed his first year at University of the Highlands and Islands and is looking forward to starting again at the end of the summer - well done to him!
This week busy as always and a trip to Bremen for GP Germany annual convent and to say farewell to the grand prior whose term of office comes to an end next Saturday. I have not been in Bremen since 1985 so that will be a nice trip indeed!