Soldiers of Killiecrankie

Some Templar friends from SOTB came to stay over the weekend of the Soldiers of Killiecrankie Weekend. I was still in my dressing gown when the first two arrived, but a quick change and I was ready to greet visitors!

The weather was not too bad and we had a great time in the Battlefield. Had to take Vincent home as the horses were distressing him but the humans had a lovely afternoon.
Click on the firing guns to see more images.
Sunday we went to Queen's View which was gorgeous and then a relaxed coffee in the coffee shop there.

Alfie in Hospital

Anthony and I had to drive to the East Neuk of Fife with Alfie yesterday to see the specialist vet. We left him there for analysis and spent the afternoon walking across the seashore. Neither of us was in a particularly good mood though. Of course the following image is clickable.

Once we went back to see the vet we had the news that Alfie needed a knee operation and that if we wanted to it would happen on Wednesday, the very next day. It is quite a serious operation and we were struggling to hold back the tears. The vet gave us some time alone to wipe our faces and arranged for a goodnight kiss for us with Alfie. It was really difficult for us to leave him but I know he is in good hands.
UPDATE: Alfie has had is operation and is recovering well. We will get him home on Thursday.

London Preceptory

Travelled down to London on the Sleeper on Friday of last week to spend the weekend with the London Preceptory members of GPUK. What fun it was! After my absolutely necessary haircut I met up with some and we wandered around the South Bank and had some delicious street food before a calm drink or three in various pubs before heading out to dinner.
Sunday was the main event with the highest-up-the-candle (they were burning fingers on the flame) Anglican mass I have ever been to. It was so Catholic I thought it was Dominica Rite! Afterwards the unaccompanied young men (of which there were many) were invited to the crypt for champagne. Lovely all round. Then it was back to the club for our Templar lunch which was a huge success - much laughter and good company!

Theatre visits & Naughty Dogs

We have already used up a lot of our DateNite events with trips to Pitlochry Festival Theatre and had great times. This is in counterbalance to finding out why Alfie is always so mucky, but I did manage to find out what he has been up to as he has been digging an escape tunnel UNDER the electric fence as you can see. The tunnel is still to small for Vincent though, so there is time to fill it in.IMG_8755