Clan McInally + weekend

James and Margaret asked if they could begin her birthday celebrations with an overnight in Killiecrankie and we were more than happy to host. Gerry who I have not seen in 20 years came over from Canberra so it was nice to see him and for Anthony and he to chat about their Palestinian experiences. Pauline and her new beau arrived too and it was a full house. We also added Charlie the Apartment Guest to our dinner list and late night drinking…

We sat up far too late on Saturday night with log fires on and then after a long walk to Soldiers Leap came back to have breakfast as by then everyone was awake.

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A new game

In my old age I have decided to get out and about and have taken up the gentle (!) sport of curling.

I have joined the Toberargan Curling Team and we play and practice in the Dewars Centre in Perth once a fortnight. It is great fun. I have now bought my slippy/non-slippy shoe and broom. I am prepared. The cover for the slippy shoe sole is called a kipper, but it does not smell…

Bonnetmakers & Dyers 2017

As Anthony was off fact-gathering in Palestine for almost two weeks, life could have been dull but the day he left Killiecrankie I drove him to Edinburgh and then headed to Glasgow as I was heading out that night with GeorgeM, Marie & Tony and Kathleen to the Bonnetmakers & Dyers annual dinner in the Trades Hall. My did we all look smart! I had remembered this time to bring and wear my Fan Maker Liveryman badge on its blue ribbon. The dinner itself was lovely and conversation flowed and then there was a millinery parade from one of the prize-winners - I joined Marie and Kathleen swooning at some of the creations.
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What a great night it was, and it was not over! We went to Rab Ha's for a quiet drink afterward which did not last long as we met up with colleagues of Kathleen and dragged them to a nightclub where DaddyG and I danced the night away! Home to Kathleen's at 3am to be woken at 11:00 by Paul delivering Grace…

Blair Castle late October

Mother In Law was over so we went up to Blair Castle for a trip and a walk through the Hercules Garden which was by now in full glory. The various apples and pears were on climbers against the walls, and the variety of apple trees in the main garden was astonishing. We had a look in one of the little houses and found a clever wooden sculpture which has doors all over it, hiding some treasures inside!
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Enchanted Forest 2017

Whilst we were in Belgrade, we got an update from the Enchanted Forest Facebook group to say all tickets (75,000) had been sold out for this year! I was glad to hear that and joyful that I had bought mine back in June. Tuesday night, before I caught the train to London we headed there. Thankfully Pam drove us as there is practically nowhere in Pitlochry to park in the evenings this month. The show was amazing. Click image for more.