September 2017

Fathers Day pictures

Anthony is dog and cat sitting in Dundee this week but paid a quick return visit to the Killiecrankie to bring these wonderful works of art, done by Talya! How fantastic are they? Both are clickable

Blair Castle Hercules Garden

With the house quiet for a while, Vincent and I strolled up to the Castle and this time had a walk through the formal garden - Hercules Garden. It is lovely. It was round about now that we managed to get Anthony to change the venue for AC50 from our back garden to the Castle Ballroom - glad he has done that!

Tim and Lizzie's Wedding

Fiona headed off to Italian school in Bologna, and Anthony and I headed to Poole for Tim and Lizzie's Wedding which was great fun. Sadly Adam had to cut short his trip to Poole…

Blair Castle Diana Grove

A tour of the castle first (no photographs of course) and then a lovely stroll through the Diana Grove.

Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel

Having heard great things about the Kelpies, we headed off to see them whilst paying a visit to the Falkirk Wheel first for great coffee. What a lovely day out. We were quite emotional at the Kelpies… Cannot wait to go back there in the snow!

Garry Bridge

Once Adam had gone back to London, Fiona and I toured about a lot, visiting Queens View, the distillery at Edradour and looking quite near Garry Bridge. It was great to spend each afternoon with her.

Braemar Gathering

Fiona arrived next day after Adam came up in order to head through the amazing mountains to the Braemar Gathering which was fantastic. So much to see and gossip about!
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