Ellen and Steve Visit

From the distant past, Ellen and Steve spent a wonderful few days with us over a long weekend. It was such fun to have them here and spend so much time together. So much so, that they are returning for Christmas in the Krankies! That will be amazing. We had a long tour ourselves to the Centre of Scotland and then off to Fort Augustus (again) but as you can see in some images on the link through the image, Ellen did not enjoy the Super Sour sweets!

Stefan and Valerie Visit

Our lovely friends Stefan and Valerie came over from Belgium for a few days of much laughter and touristy things. As usual we headed off to Fort Augustus to seek out the Monster, but she was not there (again!)
Image clickable

... meanwhile at OFH

Whilst I was away, Anthony sent me this image of Vincent missing me.IMG_8864

Pet Sounds @ 50

Met up with Adam in Glasgow as we were attending Brian Wilson (of Beach Boys fame!) celebration of Pet Sounds @ 50 in the Kelvingrove Bandstand. What a great venue it is. The rain stayed off as we had our cocktails next to the Clyde, then a large one in the Park Bar on Argyll Street before walking to the venue. It is very well organised indeed and we had a great chat with so many strangers. I remarked to Adam that I had never seen the Beach Boys in an indoor venue (Thetford Forrest, Hampton Court Palace and now Glasgow). We were very merry as we grabbed some pakora and walked along the Clydeside, anticipating heartburn later during the night.

Click on the bandstand in the moonlight for more of our Beach Boys adventure!IMG_8883


Took me 12 hours to get there and 12 hours back for a four hour meeting.

The rock is impressive.

Alfie still unwell...

Alfie is playing up a little bit. He is such a martyr.