February 2017

Barra House

Of course one of the main changes this year so far is the over-enthusiastic purchase of the Barra House in Bruernish. It is almost a ruin, but once it has been done up it will be lovely. I bought it at an auction (very exciting indeed) and late January went up to see it for the firs time. The weather in Barra was magnificent as you can see, the house needs to be emptied first before any work can get done, but the view is out of this world! I travelled minus Poor Student and dogs, and read most of the way on the ferry. I guess there will be more trips this year before it is ready for visitors!IMG_7662

A new entry

2016 was a very poor year for updating this website. I am sure that is because I don't spend hours sitting at the kitchen table as I did at No62, and instead either enjoy the garden, visitors or the dogs, who both grow larger with each passing day. Today Alfie cocked his leg for the first time, and I was indeed proud! Today we said a brief goodbye to Pam who was heading back to London for a while, but she will return in a few weeks to begin house-hunting herself. All very exciting indeed!

Last weekend we were down in Birmingham, having left the house at 04:20 to catch the plane from Edinburgh. It was a long day but very enjoyable and we were home at 22:30 and exhausted!

Gratuitious image of Vincent below: