Oh Really?

Well that was a time of it!

I was at PRI on 21st for a standard blood test for the high blood pressure and then went for a haircut in Perth with Anthony, only to get an urgent call from the hospital to come in immediately. When I arrived at Ward 4 I was fussed over and plugged into a range of machines and they started to pump litres of fluid into me. Thereafter there were sessions of insulin/glucose to slowly be injected at a rate of 1ml/minute in an attempt to remove the potassium from my kidneys. All this had happened because of the recent increase in dosage of a drug I was on and my heart was in danger of failing as the potassium levels were at 7.7 which allows you to knock at death's door.

The hospital were fantastic, food lovely even though my first night consisted of the night sister waking me twice to say my snoring was keeping everyone awake. Next night my room mates all got issued with earplugs and sleeping pills - oh the shame!

Got out on Christmas Eve after several visits from Ellen and Adam and Anthony and I was glad to be home. Had to return on 27th for follow-up tests, but it looks as if the nasty potassium has gone and I did not have to continue the potassium-free diet. You should look that up as in summary, as the consultant told me, everything healthy had to be avoided like brown bread, vegetables, lentils, coffee, chocolate. Basically everything from a seed or pod or that grew under the soil, including potatoes! What a nightmare!
Wired up and feeling sorry for myself.

All of these were going at once…

Adam came with me for my follow-up and we discussed going to the Red Brolly for a small snack (2 bacon rolls each…)