Waiting for news from Portugal

I had the loveliest of birthdays this week with a painting of Para Handy's Vital Spark and the most amazing painting from Anthony in addition to the Whisky Cookbook. I cannot wait to try some of them out. Being 54 is a nothing age at all so I think I will only celebrate on the multiples of five, as on my FB account this week happy memories of GM50 kept popping up which was a great thing and made me laugh.

Anthony went off to Portugal on Wednesday for the six monthly OSMTH meeting in Tomar. I could not go this time as I was lecturing at the LSE which went very well and I had more Gann questions this year than at any time in the 20 years of doing this course! I hope they all pass their exams in April. I travelled on the Sleeper train as usual and for back to take Pam off to Dundee where she is dog and cat sitting for Talya for a few days. Meantime I aimed to be up early on Saturday to go to Dunkeld to see an exhibition and take the chequebook. Sadly by the time I got there all the Bruernish images had been bought. A year ago I thought about buying one, but now they are completely overpriced with an additional digit at the front of them. So I treated myself to an our in the kitchen shop in Dunkeld indeed and got change out of a one-er. Much better use of money I think! The dogs are missing all the commotion in the house so yesterday we had a "let's lick George' half an hour, which was great fun. I am glad I never got a dog in London as it is better having one here when I have the space and the time to spend with them. Both are loving running about the garden all day but when I am ready to play with them they are exhausted! Although I have put these Doggy-lick images already on FB, you can click below for a memory.