Low Weekend

Adam arrived from Beau Riviera on Thursday and Caroline and George on Friday night. The A9 was closed again for the second day due to accidents so they had a Grand Tour of Perthshire to complete before getting here. After dinner Anthony drove us to Blair Atholl for the karaoke night, but he himself stayed at home to complete his university essays. We had a great laugh and since it was Caroline's first singing experience, we could not keep her off the floor! A good fun night indeed followed by gallons of whisky at home once Anthony picked us up.

Saturday afternoon was our Foundation Annual Meeting which went very well and we have some great ideas suggested by Anthony for the next six months. Then we headed to MaKays for the Chelsea-Spurs game before a lovely dinner in The Old Mill and then home. We allowed Vincent and Alfie to sit with us in the Drawing Room where the fire was on full blast and flames up the chimney. A great night out again! I was still exhausted from Friday night so I had a relatively early bed at 1am. I have no idea when the rest made it, but there were some very late awake, sore headed people on Sunday morning!