What a week of things going on, with the removal of the vinyl flooring in the kitchen which turns out to be NOT the thing to do. Midweek we had explosive (not quite) foul water drains which cost an arm and several legs to repair and flush. At least the overspill (not ours thankfully, but from the lodges) will be good for the azalea.
At last I have got off my backside and arranged some clearing out work to be done on the BarraHouse. A simple question posed on a closed FB group for IoB and several suggestions and recommendations later I have arranged for the house to be cleared out. Very nice guy will be doing that this week. His wife was so polite on her Messenger conversation but at all times I was waiting for the traditional "who are you and your connections with Barra?" question, which came eventually. Turns out she knows me and mine quite well and my Aunty Penny was her boss on a YTS scheme decades ago. She remembers Anthony and I dancing at Siobhan and David's wedding in Castlebay Hall. We were not that bad, surely?
Talya and Joe arriving Saturday for a quick visit which was yet another opportunity for me to show off my vegan cookery skills - all successful I may add! Thursday evening for about 20 minutes we had the experience of a snap blizzard, but it did not last thankfully. Anthony had returned from GMC Tomar having worked very hard all weekend. Today being Sunday means a range of trips to the recycling centre with bits and pieces and just taking it easssssssssy.