Jacobite Steam to Mallaig

With Anthony still in London for his aunt's 80th birthday, I took the day off to go to catch up with one of my work colleagues who was touring the British Isles from Hong Kong. We met in Fort William (where Ben Nevis was shrouded in mist) and took the Jacobite Steam train to Mallaig. It was great to catch up with June and to pass through some amazing scenery. The highlight for everyone on the train was passing over the Glenfinnan Viaduct, made internationally famous by the Hogwarts Express scenes in Harry Potter of course. I said farewell to June and her touring party in Mallaig, had a couple of hours there myself before heading back home. Mallaig seemed so big when I was there 45 years ago waiting for the ferry to Castlebay, but it is in reality a tiny fishing village with a big pier!
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