Anthony and I took an all too quick trip to Belgrade, Serbia and had a wonderful time. The weather was amazing and our friends, Peter and Daniela made us most welcome. It is a beautiful city. We did not do too much of the touristy things as we will be back there in 2018, but spent most of our time going from one feast to another! By Saturday night I had only the smallest amount of space left to eat half of a panna cotta. Friday night we went to a traditional bar/inn which had musicians (including a double bass!) wandering from table to table entertaining everyone. We saw a couple get engaged, but neither he nor she looked particularly happy about it! What a lovely night it was for us, eating, chatting and laughing, and of all things, SMOKING at the table. Both Anthony and I were quite against that but we were "forced" to remain seated and not go outside! Peter and Daniela were perfect hosts, bringing us to their lovely home and looking after us so well. Click image