MarkG's 40th Birthday Weekend

With Adam arriving first on the Thursday, then MarkG and John on Friday afternoon and Kevin later in the early evening, the weekend was shaping up to be a great laugh. We only had to wait until midday on Saturday for the last guests from Leeds (Connor and James) before we could settle down to fun times. We could not be bothered going out on Saturday night so had a night in with laughter and conversation and much booze.
Sunday we did some sight-seeing and then headed off to the Atholl Gathering which was a laugh, then to the pub for an hour or so before the Killiecrankie House Hotel for a well earned drink and then home as I had put the roast beef in the lower oven at 9am and it was ready for our return.
Once everyone left on either Monday or Tuesday, Anthony and I slept the afternoon away as we were exhausted!