March = my birthday

I know of lots of friends who have their birthdays in March, but I am at the start of the month, so I have to get priority. It is only fair! We have blue skies here in the Crankies, but freezing cold, and the Poor Student is in the middle of his mid-semester essay writing so the house is under a lot of stress. Doggies are out enjoying the cold and sun so that keeps me out of trouble. Already filling up the diary with visitors for the springtime, but summer visitors are yet to book in! I seem to be drawing in novels yet to be read. That is probably the only thing I miss about London is the half hour each way reading time on the 205 bus! Today is the start of Lent2017, with nothing much planned at all in this house, except Fasting & Abstinence today, with no doubt some hoovering to be done as Vincent is having one of his six-monthly blows so everywhere is covered in his silky fur.

Our charitable foundation, The Cuthbert-MacLean Foundation SCIO has been making some springtime donations which we are really pleased with, and they are being well used indeed. I am glad we started this out as we seem to have made some changes to groups and lives across the country.

I am still getting used to this new format of writing, so with some practice here are images of the garden taken this week… Feel free to click!